Frequently Asked Questions

Start times & Formats


What time does it start?

  • Saturday events from 4/5pm
  • Sunday events from 3/4pm
  • Start times may be staggered and may start earlier or later depending on age.

What's the format of play?
We regularly use the following formats:

  • FAST4 
  • Sudden Death Deuce
  • Short Set (2 clear)
  • Match Tie Break (MTB10) to 10 points
  • Match Tie Break (MTB7) to 7 points

Format & Rules - on display
Alliance-Tennis Events have

  • A3 posters on display with
  • Clear format and 
  • Rules summary

Duration of event


Events typically last 4+ hours

  • We do our best to run to time however, this is always only an estimate!!
  • Sometimes events overrun due to shortage of courts or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Your patience and politeness are really appreciated!!!
  • If you are travelling a long distance and need to be away before 8pm on a Sunday evening - this may NOT be for you :(

Matchplays (Junior & Mens)

  • Often run until LATE
  • Up to 8/9pm on a Sunday
  • Up to 8pm on a Saturday
  • We try to avoid this but at higher player ratings matches can be much longer. 
  • Late finishes tends to affect older age players (16+) and some matchplays.

LTA Rules & Regulations


All events are regulated by LTA policy:

  • The Alliance-Tennis PayPal account is set up for AUTO-REFUNDS, so if you make an on-time player withdrawal (i.e BEFORE the published withdrawal deadline), you will be automatically refunded. 
  • Sorry NO REFUNDS after withdrawal date unless event cancelled or player not accepted/remains on reserve list.
  • Results published within 72 hours (often much sooner).
  • Not accepted/reserves refunded promptly within 72 hours of event ending.
  • Terms & Conditions of entry are listed on the LTA website for each event.
  • All entrants confirm that they and their supporters are agreeing to follow the Fair Play values Enjoy and Respect. 

Online entries


  How do I enter an event???

Late & Manual entries


Whoops!  Missed a deadline!

Need help to enter?

  • Late/manual entries maybe possible IF there are spaces.
  • Please email (as below) with player's FULL NAME & BTM number .
  • Please put LATE ENTRY and the Tournament Code in subject line of email.
  • A late/manual entry admin fee applies.

More event-specific information


 Tournament Overview Tab

  • including start time, 
  • approx duration, 
  • provisional draw numbers, 
  • format etc 
  • Please see the "Further details" box under the Tournament Overview tab for the specific event by following the blue Tournament Code event links.

...More FAQs

Acceptance and Seeding critieria


  • Why wasn't I accepted?
  • Why am I on the reserve list?

Useful links to explain the process:

Mini-Tennis Ratings


Competition Regulations


Code Violations


LTA Official List of players currently suspended via the automatic LTA discipline process 

Withdrawal points


  • Any player withdrawal after the withdrawal deadline is a late withdrawal.
  • Late withdrawals before 8pm the night before the event are recorded. The LTA issues 2 withdrawal points.
  • On the day late withdrawals, that's after 8pm the day before the event are recorded as "on the day withdrawals". The LTA issues 3 withdrawal points (for those who report non attendance) and 5 withdrawal points for no shows. 

Fair Play Values


  • Withdrawal points and code violations are issued centrally by the LTA and will affect a player's acceptance into ALL LTA events. 

Competition Changes 2019/2020

The LTA are making significant changes to tennis competitions...

  • Effective 1st Sept 2019 - Grade 5 acceptance - FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED
  • Effective 1st Sept 2019 - modifications to FAST4 (Two sets to 4 games + MTB10 - 2 clear points. Tie break at 3-3, first to 7 points - 2 clear points; sudden death deuce; replay service lets (Revised FAST4 Rules 09/2019).
  • Effective 1st Sept 2019 - LTA National League - Winter  - doubles competitions
  • Effective 1st April 2020 - Competition age group changes - by calendar year
  • NEW Effective 1st April 2020 (date confirmed by LTA) - Introduction of a NEW World Tennis Number (WTN) to replace ratings with separate measure for doubles in addition to singles - previous matches played (with the more recent ones weighted more favourably than older matches - i.e results decay with time) will be used in the mapping (conversion process using algorithm) from rating to WTN -  more details pending - click below for information direct from the LTA
  •  ITF and National Associations announce World Tennis Number project